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Model 6520H electro-hydraulic control arm

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Model 6520H electro-hydraulic control arm

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Nominal caliber. 

4 ", 6", 8 ", 10", 12 " 

Optional attachment. 

Vacuum circuit breaker. 

-emptying system。 

Blowing system. 

Insulation flange。 

-globe valve. 

-limit system。 

Adjustable legs. 

-Manual Quick Connector。 

-hydraulic emergency disengagement joint. 


The self-supporting structure and the single counterweight system, the pipeline system adopts the variable cross-section structure, and all the external load and torque are borne by the rotating joint。

Crane tube 

Main components. 

1 upper rope wheel. 

2 inner arm. 

3 steel rope. 

4 counterweight。 

5 lower rope wheel. 

6 base。 

7 outer arm drive. 

8 globe valve. 

9 manual quick connector. 

10 3D joint。 

11 rotary drive. 

12 inner arm drive. 

13 outer arm

Work envelope chart:

Crane tube manufacturer

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