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A brief discussion on the matters needing attention in the maintenance of movable ladder

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A brief discussion on the matters needing attention in the maintenance of movable ladder

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The big crane pipe manufacturer understands that the movable ladder is a professional tool for oil handling personnel to walk safely between the operating platform and the top of the tank car with different heights. 

In order to ensure the safety of the movable ladder in the course of operation and prolong the service life, it is necessary to maintain the movable ladder, so how to maintain the movable ladder? 

The following by Xiaobian to introduce to you the maintenance of the ladder what need to pay attention to。

Crane tube

The movable ladder is equipped with random balancing device, which can be hovered at any angle, the bearing capacity of the movable ladder is large, and it can bear very important items. 

The installation of the movable ladder is simple, quick and convenient to use. 

It is precisely because the movable ladder has so many advantages that the movable ladder has been widely used. 

The maintenance of the movable ladder needs to pay attention to check the rotating shaft pins on both sides of the end step, and when the wear amount exceeds 1/5, the rotating shaft pin needs to be replaced. 

In the process of using the movable ladder, we should pay attention to the light rise and fall to prevent the damage to the movable ladder. 

For the movable ladder, it is necessary to add lubricating oil to the rotating shaft pin, bearing and so on a regular basis。 

For more information about crane pipe, you can consult Huade Petrochemical Company, a big crane pipe manufacturer, in detail.

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