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Crane tube manufacturers talk about how crane pipe works?

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Crane tube manufacturers talk about how crane pipe works?

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Crane tube manufacturers understand that crane pipe is widely used and plays a vital role in the process of production and transportation. 

The crane pipe is mainly composed of fixing, rotating, operation, balance and other mechanisms and tubing. 

Crane pipe plays a very important role in liquid loading and unloading of petroleum and chemical wharf. 

Next, the editor will introduce to you how the crane pipe works。

Crane tube manufacturer

During the installation of the crane pipe, make sure that the various joints of the crane tube are closely connected and damaged, check whether the dimensions of each part match, and check whether the oil truck is equipped with a fire shield. 

When connecting the crane pipe, it is necessary to ensure that the output shaft of the reducer is the same as the input shaft of the motor, and the two outer flanges are parallel. 

The crane pipe needs to be maintained regularly and lubricating oil should be added. 

After the crane tube has been in use for too long, we should pay attention to check to avoid the leakage of medium。 at this time, the rotator should be taken apart for cleaning and maintenance。 

For more information about crane pipe, you can consult huade Chemical, a crane pipe manufacturer, in detail.

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