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What should I pay attention to in the process of transportation of oil tankers?

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What should I pay attention to in the process of transportation of oil tankers?

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The big crane pipe manufacturer learned that the tanker is mainly suitable for transporting gasoline, kerosene, diesel, vegetable oil, edible oil, heavy oil, coal tar and non-petroleum products such as alcohols, aldehydes, benzene, ethers and other liquid substances. 

There are many places that need to be paid attention to in the process of transportation, the following is to introduce to you what needs to be paid attention to in the process of transportation。

Crane tube

It is necessary to monitor the tanker transporting oil products, install the explosion-proof camera on the tanker and connect it to the alarm system. In the event of an accident, the driver can immediately sound the alarm and give an alarm. 

Deal with it in time to reduce damage。 

Drivers of oil tankers should be regularly trained in safety and fatigue driving is prohibited. 

In the loading and unloading operation, the human body should avoid contact with the working object (refueling truck), work object to produce friction, so as not to cause danger。 

When loading oil, the crane pipe should extend to the bottom of the oil tank, and the distance between the pipe mouth and the bottom of the tank should be kept at about 15cm。 

For more information about automatic crane pipe, you can consult the big crane pipe manufacturer in detail

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