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What are the functions of crane tube rotating joint?

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What are the functions of crane tube rotating joint?

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Crane pipe manufacturers understand that crane pipe is a kind of telescopic pipe, which is mostly used for liquid loading and unloading of petroleum and chemical wharf, such as oil, water and so on. 

It is divided into many kinds, compared with the old hose has the advantages of high safety, flexibility and so on. 

The crane tube rotating joint is composed of rotating parts and seals, which is mainly used to connect the different components of the liquid loading and unloading arm for relative rotation and can bear the load。 

The following by the editor to introduce you to the crane pipe rotating joint what role.

Crane tube manufacturer

The double raceway seal structure is adopted, and the inner and outer ring raceway adopts high precision bearing rotating structure. 

The rotating joint has an independent medium and raceway seal, and is designed for sealing condition inspection and lubricating grease injection hole. 

With leak detection hole, easy to check。 

And because the leak detection hole is slotted in the outer ring and opened from the flange, the medium is exposed directly from the leak detection hole when the dynamic seal is damaged。 

For more information about the crane pipe, you can consult the crane pipe manufacturer Huade Petrochemical Industry in detail.

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