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Matters needing attention in installation of crane pipe

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Matters needing attention in installation of crane pipe

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The automatic crane pipe is the equipment product used in the petrochemical industry. At the same time, the crane pipe is divided into upper loading crane pipe, lower loading crane pipe, bottom loading crane pipe, liquid ammonia crane pipe and so on. In the process of installation, attention should be paid to several aspects. 

Next, the editor of our crane tube manufacturer will introduce it to you。

Automatic crane tube

1. Install the crane tube, bottom install the crane tube, liquid ammonia crane tube in the installation process to keep each flange clean, if there is a sealing slot crane pipe must be butter to install the O-ring before connecting. 

2. After the final assembly is completed, the spring cylinder balance system should be adjusted in time. The adjustment method is to lift the outer arm to more than 65 degrees and then unscrew the lid at the end of the balancer. 

This can be adjusted until the crane tube can stop in the range of-15 degrees to 60 degrees。 

3。 The sealing test of the product has been done when the product leaves the factory。 When the user uses it, they only need to refer to the schematic diagram of the structure when installing and connecting。 It is necessary to connect the horizontal short pipe with the foundation flange on the oil distribution platform。 

Then connect the horizontal short pipe and the lifting arm group, and finally install the spring cylinder, and then connect the spring cylinder pull rod. 

The connection between the crane pipe and the oil distribution platform needs to be equipped with the corresponding standard flange in order to ensure the firmness and reliability of the flange. 

The rotating part of each pin and the spring balancer need to be coated with lubricating oil before installation and use. 

Pay attention to the angle when installing the horizontal rotator and be sure to adjust it to the right angle。

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