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Introduction to the main points of Operation of loading and unloading Crane Pipe

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Introduction to the main points of Operation of loading and unloading Crane Pipe

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1。 During the operation, it is necessary to dock and pull the crane pipe to the docking seat of the tank car。 

2。 In the docking operation, first connect the electrostatic grounding to open the cover of the connection valve of the automobile tank car, and hold the handle of the fast self-sealing separation valve with both hands and the handle sleeve should be retreated inwards, such as when all the sleeves can not be extended and can not be returned, the safety claws should be pressed in by hand。 

Align with the parallel propulsion of the connecting valve of the automobile tank car for docking. 

When the connector of the automobile connection valve is grasped by the 5 claws of the quick self-sealing separation valve of the crane pipe. 

Push the sleeve forward with your hand and clamp the claw without loosening. 

And pull the hand to turn the cam to the locking seat。 

Push the spool through the connecting rod to open the connection line by pushing the spool in front of the spool to open the spool of the car connection valve.


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Then connect the oil and gas discharge pipeline and start the oil loading operation docking as far as possible to keep the hose and the joint vertically inclined too large hose will cause tension to break away from the joint and increase the amount of leakage. 

3. After the fast separation loading and unloading operation, you must first slowly turn the rotary cam to the locked state according to the direction of the switch. 

The above knowledge hopes to be helpful to everyone in the process of crane pipe operation in the future。 At the same time, if you want to choose high quality crane pipe products first, you can also contact our crane pipe manufacturers at any time。 

If you have a need, please contact us quickly!

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