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What is the liquid chlorine crane tube, what are its characteristics?

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What is the liquid chlorine crane tube, what are its characteristics?

Date of release:2018-11-10 Author: Click:

The liquid chlorine crane pipe is a kind of crane pipe product, and its main function is the same as the crane pipe. It is a kind of rotating joint with flexible rotation and good sealing, which is used between the tank car and the trestle storage and transportation pipeline. 

Equipment for the transmission of liquid media. 

The characteristics of the liquid chlorine crane pipe are also similar to those of the liquid ammonia crane tube (crane pipe).

Crane tube

1。 The rotating joint of double raceway and the sealing ring with elastic card ensure that the loading and unloading medium does not leak; 

2. The spring cylinder balancer with random balance makes the crane pipe loading and unloading operation portable and labor-saving; 

3. In the process of crane pipe loading and unloading, follow up with the tank car within the normal moving range of the tank car; 

4. When the crane pipe is in the state of loading and unloading and receiving, the lock is parallel to the moving direction of the tank car and occupies a small space.

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