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Rules for maintenance of crane tube (fluid handling arm)

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Rules for maintenance of crane tube (fluid handling arm)

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1. When obvious leakage is found in the crane pipe joint, the work should be stopped, and the oil storage can be removed for inspection. Generally, the sealing ring should be checked for aging and wear, and whether the seal is damaged. If the damage is damaged, repair measures such as grinding should be taken. 

It should be replaced when the fit size and precision can not be guaranteed after grinding。 

Generally vulnerable and easy to deteriorate aging parts, ex-factory packing have a certain number of spare parts, in order to facilitate the use of users。

Crane tube

2. When the rotation is not flexible, you should check whether the rotating fit is well lubricated. If it is caused by lack of oil, it should be filled with lubricating oil (grease) on a regular basis (once a quarter). 

3。 Where the parts are disassembled and assembled, regardless of whether the parts are replaced or not, the pressure test shall be carried out according to the factory inspection standard after the reassembly。 The specific specification is that the test pressure is 0。6Mpa and the rotating parts are rotated。 It can be considered qualified if it can achieve flexible operation and no seepage and no leakage。 

Enable it again。 

4. Check the appearance of the crane pipe every six months and repair the areas where the surface is rusty or the paint is damaged. 

5. The safety operation rules and correlation instructions of the loading crane tube are designed to ensure the absolute safe operation of the loading crane tube. This document is specially formulated for unloading personnel to learn and refer to. 

If there are unusual problems in the normal operation of the crane pipe, if there are no special instructions or complex parts, please contact the manufacturer of Lianyungang Ward Petrochemical Machinery Co。, Ltd to discuss the solution。

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