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Operating rules for loading and unloading crane pipe (fluid handling arm)

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Operating rules for loading and unloading crane pipe (fluid handling arm)

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What are the installation specifications for loading crane pipe (fluid handling arm)? 

This paper briefly describes the installation, maintenance and setting specification of crane tube (fluid loading and unloading arm).

Crane tube

1. Check the integrity of the oil station facilities in the oil depot, and the fire shield worn by the oil truck is qualified and effective. 

Check the electrostatic grounding wire to make sure that the contact is good and clamped in the appropriate position, the oil depot has a designated position or the main beam of the oil truck is tight and effective。 

2。 The electrostatic grounding wire should be connected well before unloading; the oil stabilization work should be done according to the regulations; the sealing of the unloading port should be done well, and the measures to reduce the escape of oil and gas should be done well。 

3。 When loading and unloading oil, the crane pipe inserted into the car should be vertical。 Plug into the bottom of the cylinder and insert and pull out at a speed of no more than 1 m / s。 

4. Put the oil spill probe at the safe height of the cylinder head. 

5。 The operation or control of the receiving and sending oil switch is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the receiving and sending oil system。 

6. After the oil loading and unloading operation of the crane pipe is completed, the tank mouth can be put forward only after exhaust and emptying the remaining oil. 

7。 Remove the static wire and check that other equipment is reset before the vehicle is allowed to leave。 

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