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Fabrication Technology of Big Crane Tube with different Media

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Fabrication Technology of Big Crane Tube with different Media

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The big crane pipe (fluid loading and unloading arm) has the characteristics of sensitive rolling, good sealing and high skill content. 

It has been widely used in the filling process of liquid chlorine, liquid ammonia, liquid alkali, dimethyl ether, liquefied petroleum gas, gasoline and diesel and other liquefied risk chemicals, and can reach the safe and environmentally friendly transportation fluid medium. 

It also eliminates the casualties, economic loss, safety and environmental protection caused by tube burst, which often occurs in filling liquefied risk chemicals. 

So what should the crane tube pay attention to in the selection of raw materials for all kinds of different media? 

In the petrochemical industry, there are many kinds of liquid materials, reasonable selection of loading and unloading arm data is necessary, but this code can not thoroughly list the detailed selection data terms. 

The selection of data should determine the reasonable pipeline grade according to the transportation pressure and temperature of loading and unloading materials and the environmental conditions of loading and unloading arm equipment. 

Then choose the information reasonably according to the following conditions。

Crane tube manufacturer

1。 General non-corrosive petrochemical liquid materials, generally choose high-quality carbon steel pipe。 

2. The demand adheres to the purity of petrochemical liquid materials and prevents corrosion from mixing. Stainless steel pipes should be selected for loading and unloading arm pipes of crane pipe manufacturers. If liquid materials are directly used in the food industry, stainless steel materials should also be used for loading and unloading arm pipes.

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