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Some points for attention in the use of Water pump

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Some points for attention in the use of Water pump

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1. If there is any minor failure of the pump, remember not to let it work. 

If the packing of the pump shaft is worn out, it should be added in time, if you continue to use the pump will leak。 

The direct effect is that the energy consumption of the motor will increase and then the impeller will be damaged。 

2。 If the pump has a strong vibration in the process of use, be sure to stop and check what the reason is, otherwise it will also cause damage to the pump。 

3. When the bottom valve of the pump is leaking, some people will fill it with dry soil into the inlet pipe of the pump and flush it with water to the end of the valve. This is really not desirable. 

Because when the dry soil is put into the inlet pipe, when the pump begins to work, the dry soil will enter the pump, which will damage the impeller and bearing of the pump, which shortens the service life of the pump. 

Be sure to repair the bottom valve when it is leaking, and if it is serious, you need to replace it with a new one. 

4, after the use of the pump must pay attention to maintenance, for example, when the pump is used up to put the water in the pump clean, it is best to be able to remove the water pipe and rinse with clean water。 

5. The tape on the pump should also be removed, then rinse with water and dry in the light. Do not put the tape in a dark and wet place. 

The tape of the pump must not be stained with oil, let alone put some sticky things on the tape。 

6. Carefully check whether there are cracks on the impeller, whether the impeller is fixed on the bearing is loose, if there are cracks and loosening phenomenon to be repaired in time, if there is soil on the pump impeller should also be cleaned up. 

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