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What are the practical uses of water pumps?

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What are the practical uses of water pumps?

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Practical application。 

It is widely used in shipbuilding, oil exploitation, load-carrying machinery and so on. 

In 2008, the ship output reached 15000 tons, accounting for 21% of the world market. By 2015, it will become the largest shipbuilding country in the world. 

In order to ensure the normal navigation or mooring of the ship and meet the living needs of the crew and passengers, each ship must be equipped with a certain number of marine pumps that can play a corresponding role. Marine pump is one of the important auxiliary engines. 

According to incomplete statistics, among all kinds of marine auxiliary machinery and equipment, the total number of marine pumps of various types and different uses accounts for about 20% to 30% of the total amount of marine machinery and equipment. The price of marine pump also accounts for a large proportion in the cost of marine equipment. 

In the total cost, marine pumps account for about 4% to 8% of the cost of marine equipment。 Generally speaking, the purchase of marine pumps for more than one medium-sized ship can reach more than 10 million yuan。 

When it comes to the key pump market, it is necessary to say that China has completed the "West-to-East Gas Transmission" project, "West-to-East Gas Transmission" project also needs pump products。 

At the same time, the state has to build other natural gas pipelines, in these projects also need a large number of pump products. 

Different uses. 

Water pump has different uses, different liquid medium, different flow rate, different lift range, therefore, its structure is of course different, the material is also different, summed up, can be roughly divided into: 

1. Urban water supply 2, sewage system 3, civil engineering, building system 4, agricultural water conservancy system 5, power station system. 

6。 Chemical system 7, Petroleum Industry system 8, Mine Metallurgical system 9, Light Industry system 10, ship system。 

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