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Introduction to the parameters of Automobile Oil Crane Tube in Crane Tube

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Introduction to the parameters of Automobile Oil Crane Tube in Crane Tube

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1。 Crane pipe use。 

It is suitable for the distribution of all kinds of fuel oil in all kinds of oil depots, and can also be used in the filling operation of receiving and distributing all kinds of liquid raw materials in chemical and other industries. 

II。 Description of crane tube type。 

(1) Interface flange (2) foundation rotator (3) horizontal short pipe. 

(4) balancer (5) lifting arm (6) emptying valve。 

(7) head rotator (8) vertically insert tube (9) horizontal rotator. 

Technical parameters of crane pipe. 

Model diameter. 

Mm nominal pressure。 

MPa working radius mm horizontal rotary lifting angle foundation flange. 

QH65 65 0。6 1400 2600 °- 360 °- 5 °- 60 °DN65。 


QH80 80 0.6 1400 2600 0 °- 360 °- 5 °60 °DN80. 


QHl00 100 0.61400 2600 °- 360 °- 5 °60 °DNl00. 


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