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What is a barreled hair crane pipe?

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What is a barreled hair crane pipe?

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The utility model belongs to an oil loading and unloading equipment for an oil depot and is an ideal device for replacing the oil-resistant rubber pipe currently used。 

The utility model is mainly composed of a main rotor joint combination 1, a hose 13, a long pipe 9, a rotor joint combination 10, a short pipe 11, an oil outlet combination 12 and a connecting elbow, etc。, 

The utility model is characterized in that the main rotating joint combination 1, the rotating joint combination 10 and the oil outlet combination 12 can be rotated at any angle around their respective axes, and the long pipe 9 is connected with the main bracket 3 by a hinge, which can swing up and down around the hinge point, so that the operation is simple. 

Flexible rotation, safe and reliable use. 

The utility model relates to an anti-overflow globe valve and an anti-overflow refueling crane pipe using the anti-overflow globe valve。 The utility model relates to an anti-overflow globe valve and an anti-overflow refueling crane pipe using the anti-overflow globe valve。 

The utility model includes a main valve, a handle operating mechanism, a fulcrum control mechanism and an air control loop system, the main valve is connected with the handle operating mechanism, the handle operating mechanism is connected with the fulcrum control mechanism, and the air control loop system is connected with the fulcrum control mechanism. 

The anti-overflow globe valve is a key component of the patent of the utility model, which uses the pressure difference formed by the acceleration of the flow velocity or the suction effect of the fluid flow process to control the diaphragm action when the fluid flows through the pipe section with smaller diameter, so as to drive the action of the valve。 

Realize the automatic closing of the valve。 

The fulcrum control structure includes two forms, namely, the gate latch fulcrum control structure and the ball fulcrum control structure. 

The utility model is safe and reliable, effectively solves the anti-overflow problem in oil loading and unloading, avoids the explosion-proof problem caused by the charged liquid level sensor, and achieves safe production。 

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