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What is a car oil crane tube?

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What is a car oil crane tube?

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The utility model relates to an oil crane tube for an oil tanker. 

It is suitable for the distribution of all kinds of fuel oil in all kinds of oil depots, and can also be used in the filling operation of receiving and distributing all kinds of liquid raw materials in chemical and other industries. 

The utility model is mainly composed of an interface flange, a foundation rotator, a horizontal short pipe, a balancer, a lifting arm, a vent valve, a head rotator, a vertical insert pipe, a horizontal gyroscope, and a sequence connection. 

A balancer is arranged on the swinging tube. 

The outstanding feature is that the horizontal rotators are arranged at both ends of the horizontal pipe group, and the vertical rotators are arranged at the connection between the elbow group and the swinging tube。 

The rotator is composed of an inner sleeve, a jacket and a bearing through cover, and two standard bearings are arranged between the inner sleeve and the jacket, the two bearings are separated by a separate sleeve, and the sealing ends of the inner and outer covers are provided with a sealing sleeve provided with a sealing ring。 

The utility model has the advantages of good interchangeability of parts, strong sealing, flexible operation, convenient maintenance, long service life and the like. 

Selection of body material for automobile crane pipe: 

Low carbon steel, stainless steel, fluorine lining, aluminum alloy and other materials. 

Sealing material: 

Oil-resistant rubber, fluorine rubber. 

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