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What are the characteristics of the boarding ladder?

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What are the characteristics of the boarding ladder?

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Boarding ladder is a device for loading and unloading personnel and crew to get on and off the ship safely and smoothly during the docking operation of modern large oil tanker wharf. 

The traditional boarding device is completed by the gangway carried by the ship itself. 

In the process of the development of the tanker wharf, the modern large tanker wharf, especially the pier wharf without cover, the dock surface is not completely continuous, and the elevation is relatively high, and the ship is bumpy and swam frequently in the course of operation. 

And the range is relatively large。 

Because of the large fender of the wharf, the distance between the side of the ship docked on the wharf and the shoreline of the wharf is larger。 

The ship-shore connection of this condition is difficult to solve the gangway carried by the tanker. 

Therefore, in order to speed up the loading and unloading operation of the modern large oil tanker wharf and ensure the safety of personnel getting on and off the ship, it is an inevitable choice to replace the ship gangway with boarding ladders. 

The boarding ladder is almost similar to the oil arm to become an indispensable large-scale operation device of the tanker wharf. 

1)。 The safety ladder of marine access can be adjusted with the change of tide and barge. 

2)。 The safety ladder is made of ship grade aluminum. 

3)。 Can be equipped with crane, hydraulic or pneumatic system。 

4)。 Saw tooth type anti-skid pedal, can automatically adjust the level, so in any climate, can provide safety protection. 

5)。 The compression mechanism can be configured to add more functions. 

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