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What are the characteristics of quantitative loading?

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What are the characteristics of quantitative loading?

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The least indispensable part of the quantitative loading system is the loading device。 Why? 

Because the loader is an important instrument to realize the quantitative loading of liquid materials, quantitative loading of barrels, automatic temperature compensation, anti-overflow chain and grounding chain, and the characteristics of this product are as follows: 

1。 PLC control is adopted, the product is highly intelligent, and the HMI display screen has the function of displaying Chinese characters and graphics。 

2. The rain-proof and flameproof instrument can be installed directly next to the crane position on the spot. 

3. Set the number key, you can directly enter the required numerical information; 

4。 Temperature detection function, temperature compensation for volume flow, so as to improve the measurement accuracy; 

5. Set up the quantitative value of loading, realize the quantitative control of loading and control a variety of loading control valves; 

6。 The action sequence and action mode of valve control can be configured on the spot, and the application is flexible。 

7。 Two kinds of valve advance can be set up for quantitative loading to improve the control accuracy。 

8, with field valve, liquid level switch, grounding switch status and fault status display; 

9. Photoelectric isolation between field equipment and loading instrument circuit and communication between standard RS485 communication interface and host computer; 

10. There are two options for working independently and online. 

The above characteristics make the quantitative loading really achieve distributed control, flexible system configuration, and can be widely used in the industry to meet the requirements of different users. 

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