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What are the requirements for crane tube installation

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What are the requirements for crane tube installation

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There are many kinds of crane tubes, and each kind of crane tube has its own standard in material and installation. 

According to the general liquefied gas crane pipe requirements, mainly all accessories can not have copper material, with pull valve and cut-off valve, in addition to the floating tray manufacturers said the following requirements. 

1。 Connection type with tank car: both gas and liquid are connected with tank car by stainless steel fast joint。 

2. The manufacture of crane pipe should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of HG/T21608 standard. 

All the welds of pressure-bearing main pipes are welded by argon arc welding, and after strict flaw detection and hydraulic test, they are in full compliance with HG/T21608 standard. 

3。 The rotating joint of crane pipe requires precision machining, large bearing capacity, flexible rotation, sealing ring requires superior and reliable sealing performance, strong wear resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life。 

The sealing ring specification of the same type crane tube should be the same and can be interchangeable. 

The rotating joint shall be subjected to load test, and the rotating joint shall be flexible in rotation and shall not cause leakage and permanent deformation. 

4. The fasteners for fixing and connecting the crane pipe system should choose high strength bolts. 

5。 The groove type and size of crane pipe weld shall conform to the relevant regulations of GB/T985。 

Non-destructive testing shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of JB4730-2005。 

6. Stainless steel should be used for pipelines (including valves, etc.) in contact with liquid ammonia. 

According to the above content, in the manufacture of LPG crane pipe and installation must comply with the above requirements, so as to better use. 

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