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What is the difference between train crane and car crane?

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What is the difference between train crane and car crane?

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Although trains and cars are both means of transport, there are still some differences in the crane tubes they use。 Then the crane pipe manufacturers will analyze the differences between the two kinds of crane tubes。 

Train crane pipe, as its name implies, is a special equipment for the transmission of liquid or gaseous product medium between railway trestle and train tank car. 

The automobile crane pipe is specially used for loading and unloading liquid or gaseous media between the highway loading trestle and the automobile tank。 

The main requirement of the crane pipe of the train is that the crane pipe should have enough length and moving space to ensure that the train can achieve the function of non-hook alignment, immersion oil loading and unloading operation after entering the loading and unloading stack, and meet the safety requirements。 

There are train crane pipe need good air tightness, portable and flexible, easy to operate, closed bottom loading and unloading crane pipe is suitable for volatile, toxic media closed loading and unloading, to prevent oil and gas volatilization caused by environmental pollution and personal injury. 

The automobile crane pipe is also divided into the upper crane tube and the lower crane tube. According to the volatility and corrosiveness of the loading and unloading medium, the appropriate type and material of the automobile crane pipe are selected, which is helpful for petrochemical enterprises to put an end to the loading and unloading failure caused by the improper selection of crane pipe. 

Effectively improve the efficiency of loading and unloading vehicles。 

The most significant difference between train crane pipe and automobile crane pipe is the difference between road, that is, the difference between railway loading and unloading and highway loading and unloading, so when choosing crane pipe, we must combine the requirements of loading and unloading site to select. 

To learn more about the crane pipe, pay attention to the crane tube manufacturer Lianyungang huade Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

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