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Crane tube manufacturer teaches you how to operate hose crane

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Crane tube manufacturer teaches you how to operate hose crane

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Hose hoisting is a hoisting equipment that connects the hose with the oil tanker. It can meet the needs of loading and unloading of oil tankers by arbitrarily hoisting and connecting hoses with different weights of various media in the range of full load and no load of small boats. 

I. General requirements for safe operation. 

a. When the operator takes over, the brakes, hooks, wire ropes and safety devices shall be inspected. 

If it is found that the performance is abnormal, it should be excluded before operation. 

b。 Before you drive, you must ring the bell or call the police。 

When approaching a person in operation, an intermittent ringtone or alarm should also be given。 

c. The operation should be carried out according to the command signal. 

The emergency stop signal, no matter who sends out, should be carried out immediately; 

d. The main power supply can only be closed when no one is confirmed on or around the crane. 

If the power supply circuit breaker is locked or has a sign, it should be removed by the relevant personnel before the main power supply can be closed; 

e. Before closing the main power supply, all controller handles should be placed at zero position; 

f. When the power is suddenly cut off during the work, all the controller handles should be pulled back to zero, and before reworking, the crane should be checked whether the operation is normal or not. 

g. When the operator carries out maintenance, the main power supply should be cut off and put on the sign or lock. 

If there is any failure that has not been eliminated, the replacement should be notified. 

2. The operator shall not operate under any of the following circumstances: 

a。 Overloading or the weight of an object is not clear。 

Such as lifting and pulling up the weight or tension of the embedded hose, and cable-stayed inclined crane, etc。; 

b。 There are defects or damage to the structure or parts that affect the safety of the work。 

Such as brake, safety device failure, hook nut anti-loosening device damage, wire rope damage to scrap standards, etc. 

c. Binding, hanging is not firm or unbalanced and may slide, heavy edges and corners of the wire rope and there is no filling pad, etc. 

d。 A person or floating object on a suspended object; 

e. The work site is dark, unable to see the site, suspended objects and command signals, etc. 

3. When operating, the operator shall comply with the following requirements: 

a。 Do not use the limit position limiter to stop; 

b。 The brake of the lifting and luffing mechanism shall not be adjusted under the condition of load; 

c。 When hoisting, it shall not pass through the sky of a person, and no one shall be under the boom; 

d。 No inspection or maintenance shall be carried out while the crane is working; 

e. When the lifting weight approaches or reaches the rated lifting capacity, the brake should be checked before lifting, and after trial hoisting with small height and short stroke, it should be lifted smoothly. 

f. When the hook is in the lowest working position, the wire rope on the drum must maintain the designed number of safety circles (not less than 3 laps); 

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