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Crane tube installation matters needing attention!

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Crane tube installation matters needing attention!

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Crane pipe is an ideal equipment to realize closed loading of volatile liquids and oil products and reduce environmental pollution。 Crane pipe is one of the main products of Huaheng fluid, and some problems may be encountered in the process of crane tube installation。 

For some people who don't know much about installation, take the initiative to learn some installation techniques before installation to avoid some unexpected situations. 

Then the crane certainly can't work effectively。 

In that case, let's follow Hua Heng to find out how to install the crane tube correctly: 

First of all, when installing, you need to pay attention to the size, and you need to know in detail where the centerline should be installed. This is very important. When the centerline is not in place, it may look like it is not beautiful. 

And the center point of the installation is not correct, it is easy to lead to the installation is not firm. 

When installing the crane pipe, all connecting flanges should be covered with asbestos rubber pad and coated with butter to ensure reliable sealing。 

The main body of the outer arm of the crane pipe is installed first, and then the balancing device is installed, and the outer arm is lifted so that the connecting plate of the balancer rod is fixed in the adjusting slot of the inclined plate. 

The rotating part of each pin and the spring balancer need to be coated with lubricating oil before installation and use. 

During the installation of the crane pipe, it is necessary to adjust the balancer and adjust it within the specified range。 


You should also pay attention to the acceptance of the details of crane pipe products, even small screws and other small parts should also pay attention to good storage and use. 

To learn more about the crane pipe, pay attention to the crane tube manufacturer Lianyungang huade Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

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