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An introduction to the basic knowledge of Crane Management

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An introduction to the basic knowledge of Crane Management

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With the improvement of technology, crane pipe is very important in modern transportation. Crane pipe is more and more used in our life. We all know that it is widely used in industry. The density of crane tube is the main variable that determines its characteristics. 

It is also an important link to weigh cleanliness and enhance the durability and stiffness of machinery. 

China's coastal cities are also many, ports and docks are the primary address of export trade, assuming that the transport of chemical liquid is better than crane pipe, on the one hand, it can ensure safety, and there will be no loss, but also can improve the efficiency of the mission. 

Introduction to the basic knowledge of crane management: 

A. Ethylene is the main raw material of polyethylene. A few other comonomers, such as 1-butene, l-hexene or 1-octene, are also often used to improve the properties of polymers. The content of a few monomers above HDPE, does not exceed 1% to 2%. 

B。 A small number of pipes are required for pipelines used in various industries in China every year。 Crane pipes avoid the phenomenon of easy damage and often changing pipes, and have many characteristics as the first choice。 

C. The rotating joint of crane pipe is mainly composed of inner ring, outer ring flange, seal, tumbling steel ball (bearing), connecting bolt and so on. 

D, the metal material does not have the concession, can absorb the impact vibration of the equipment, avoid the possibility of wear again, and greatly prolong the service life of the equipment parts. 

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