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What kind of materials do crane tubes have?

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What kind of materials do crane tubes have?

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Crane pipe is widely used in petrochemical operation, the rotating joint of crane pipe is made of alloy steel and stainless steel, precision CNC machine tool is selected, and the supporting structure of double raceway is included, which can accept harsh axial, radial and torque loads. 

Tumble active, reliable, no leakage. 

Together with the structure of the sealing ring, the wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant reinforced polytetrafluoroethylene data PTFE, is embedded in the stainless steel skeleton, the sealing surface is polished, and the sealing function is superior. 

Reliable. According to customer needs, crane pipe can add column (column type usually crane pipe HLH-DN), airtight (column type closed anti-overflow crane pipe HMLH-DN), acousto-optic alarm equipment (anti-overflow crane pipe HQH-DN), heating and thermal insulation equipment (mixing heat preservation crane pipe HBH-DN), Stainless. 

Steel data (stainless steel crane pipe 304-HH-DN), hydraulic submersible pump (hydraulic submersible pump unloading crane pipe HYBH-DN) and electric submersible pump (electric submersible pump unloading crane pipe HDBH-DN)。 

Crane pipe is a kind of equipment which is used for liquid medium transmission between tank truck and trestle storage and transportation pipeline, which is connected with pipe by rolling, activating and sealing rotating joint. 

Key parts of the rotating joint, the selection of precision CNC machine tool processing, built-in double raceway support structure, rolling active, concise and reliable. 

The outer ring selects alloy steel, the inner ring selects stainless steel or lined polytetrafluoroethylene to ensure that it can be safely and reliably used in high temperature, low temperature and strong corrosive medium. 

(a) sealing ring structure, select PTFE enhanced polytetrafluoride data, embedded stainless steel skeleton, sealing surface polished, excellent wear resistance, excellent sealing function, reliable. 

(b) spring cylinder balance system can balance at arbitrary point, so that the alignment operation is light and reasonable. 

All the welds of (c) pressure main pipe are welded by argon arc welding, which is in full compliance with HG/T21608-96 specification. 

The (d) is equipped with excellent and reasonable electrostatic grounding system, the electrostatic resistance is less than 2 Ω, and the safety function is reliable. 

(e) structure is reasonable, with the minimum arm specification to complete the maximum envelope plan。 

In the (f) loading and unloading operation, the tank truck moves within the normal plan, showing full flexibility. 

(g) pipeline data can be selected carbon steel, stainless steel, low temperature steel, aluminum, fiberglass, lining tetrafluoride and so on. 

The (h) is manufactured according to the left or right side plan, and the structural approach can also be specially planned. 

(i) can be equipped with reliable hydraulic, pneumatic or electric operating system, safe alarm system. 

(j) can complete automatic operation, PLC control, convenient operation, repair。 

(k) flexible and diverse accessories are used to complete environmental protection and safe operation. 

According to the needs of the site, all the crane pipes can be set without columns according to the needs of the site. 

To learn more about the crane pipe, pay attention to the crane tube manufacturer Lianyungang huade Petrochemical Co。, Ltd。

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