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Crane pipe disassembly and replacement matters needing attention!

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Crane pipe disassembly and replacement matters needing attention!

Date of release:2018-10-26 Author: Click:

Xiaobian collate and share the crane pipe disassembly and replacement construction plan. 

For your reference: 

1. Before replacing the crane pipe, ensure the safety of the construction site, complete the construction equipment, handle the effective construction ticket, carry on the demolition of the old crane pipe; 

2. The old crane pipe uses flange connection, use the tool to remove the bolt to mark that position to use; 

3. After the crane pipe is disassembled, the blind plate is used to blind the open flange of the pipeline; the second is to ensure that the sealing surface is not damaged. 

The removed crane pipe will be marked according to the equipment number and pressure。 

In order to facilitate the corresponding reinstallation of the new crane pipe. 

4。 Remove the crane pipe to the trestle railing to facilitate hoisting and replacement。 

5. Remove the supporting posts of the old crane pipe, clean up all combustible objects near the old crane pipe, and be equipped with fire extinguishers to ensure the safety of the construction. 

6。 Removal of old disc valves and nozzles。 

7。 Install a blind plate at the old valve to isolate the old pipeline。 

8. Remove the pipeline from the old pipeline DN100 and move it to a safe area for prefabrication. 

9。 As there are more oil pipelines in the lower part of the trestle, the fire area is arranged to catch fire in the upper part of the trestle as far as possible。 

10. This construction demolition as far as possible to reduce the number of fires. 

Firefighters stand by. 

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