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Operating rules for crane tube unloading

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Operating rules for crane tube unloading

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Unloading crane pipe is suitable for steam, coal, diesel, liquid chemical media vehicles, top loading and unloading vehicles. 

The unloading device does not need to be equipped with another pipeline pump, and the submersible pump can be pneumatic or hydraulic. 

Crane pipe operation rules and procedures: 

1. Before loading the crane pipe, the operator needs to check the integrity of the oil depot oil platform facilities and check the electrostatic grounding wire to ensure that the main beam of the oil truck is fastened and effective. 

two。 The electrostatic grounding wire should be connected before unloading; the oil stabilization work should be done according to the regulations。 

3. Place the oil spill probe at the safe height of the cylinder head. 

4. After the crane pipe loading and unloading oil is finished, the remaining oil and gas in the tail tube should be emptied before the original position can be put forward. 

Technical parameters: 

1. Scope of use: tank truck top loading and unloading truck, interface down. 

2. Suitable medium: crude oil, product oil, chemical medium. 

3。 Design pressure:-0。08MPa~2。5MPa。 

4。 Design temperature:-50 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃。 

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